Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd.
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Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co.,Ltd 
(the following referred to as the CTC Electronics) 
is the first domestic production of both 3D printer and consumables businesses. CTC Electronic make Civil commercial 3D ​​printers and printing supplies products as the main selling products at home and abroad. We provide customers with a full range of multiple products and technical support services.

CTC 3D has strict corporate standards in accordance with the requirements and operations. Good work makes good quality, details make brand.

Stable product quality come from where

"Strict supplier selection mechanism + standardized production management process + super strength factory inspection and test, " makes the achievements of the CTC Electronics’ stable quality and excellent products.

The major electronics hardware suppliers are the forefront of the global brand, the circuit part of corporate standards are higher than the industry average.

CTC Electronic Technology strictly enforce high standards of production management process.

Each machine is after 12 hours of standard aging test before delivery, which can guarantee the stability of the product to customers.

Address:Zhuhai, Guangdong, China, the former mountain Pearl Industrial Park, 5 building, 29 floor  Tel:0756-8518488  Tax:0756-3892311
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